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About us

Starting in the United States, DECA has made its name internationally as non-profit organization with more than 200,000 members. DECA provides delegates with the opportunity network with business professionals develop professional skills and mature as a business student.

Every year, DECA U Ontario hosts Nationals (formerly Provincials Conference), which has become the largest undergraduate conference in Canada. Universities and colleges from all across Ontario gather together square off against each other in many different categories.

Many of the delegates that attend and take part in DECA are future entrepreneurs, marketers, and leaders. As a result, you will find a number of companies and their representative at every DECA U event.

Our Awesome Team!

"Hi everyone, I'm one of your Co-Presidents for the upcoming year, and a 4th year Political Science student at UofT. I've been doing DECA since highschool, and love the confidence it instills in people, as well as the sense of community it provides. In my spare time I like gaming on my PS4, and am always happy to answer any questions you have about the latest games, or DECA stuff!"

Aidan Brown



Alex Mark


"As a senior-level executive, in my last year of my undergraduate career, I aim to use my own skills and experience to enhance the overall delegate experience and create a more valuable and rewarding journey for all our members. This objective is fulfilled through the various DECA UTSC events, training sessions, and other endeavours that we offer throughout the year."

Ushnah Nasir

VP of Delegate Experience

"I’ve been a part of the club for almost 2 years now, previously working as one of the Marking Directors. I love painting and anything creative. In my free time I love cooking and DJing (I got into it during quarantine, fun fact). I also like hiking and wanna try out camping even though I scream every time I see spiders."

Daria Benenova

VP of Marketing

"Fourth year finance undergrad. Enjoy playing games during freetime."

Anthony Chen

VP of Business Development


Anirudha (Ani) Kanodia

Director of IT

"Hey everyone! I am the HR Director and I can't wait to meet all the incoming members! Something about me is I've probably binge watched every show on Netflix and I love going to the beach"

Cynthia Wong

Director of HR

"I’m Alexandra, one of your Directors of Corporate Relations in 5th year majoring in Neuroscience and Immunology and minoring in Economics. I love to play sports, dance and read. I joined DECA to improve my business skills and hopefully combine it with my science background."

Alexandra Vasiliu

Director of CR

My name is Abdulrahman Diab and I'm one of the CR directors for DECA. I'm going into third year double majoring in statistics and physics. I am hoping that through DECA I can better myself and grow my interests and skills beyond the sciences. I love watching movies (number 1 on that list is Lord of the Rings). I also enjoy playing basketball, hiking, and bike riding.

Abdul Diab

Director of CR

"I am always striving for self-betterment by taking initiatives and approaching opportunities with a growth mindset. I am accustomed to fast-paced and highly-regulated environments requiring sharp attention to detail and good communication skills. I am also extremely passionate about commerce."

Hamza Ahmed

Director of Delegate Development


Madina Halilrahman

Director of Delegate Development

"Hello, I’m Mahek the director of delegate development for DECA UTSC. I’m a second year student studying Economics and Statistics. I’ve lived in 8 different countries and some of my hobbies include scuba diving, travelling and watching Netflix!"

Mahek Prasad

Director of Delegate Development

"I joined DECA UTSC to develop my critical thinking and problem solving skills. During my first year, I attended the weekly training workshops which helped me improve my case competition skills tremendously! My hobbies include traveling, the next place on my bucket list is Sweden!"

Rodas Sbhatleab

Director of Events

"Heyy, my name is Tom Nguyen and I'm an Events directors. I'm going into my 2nd year in Management Co-op. My interests are entrepreneurship, brand strategy and sports management. I joined this year's executive team because DECA is a family, not just a club and I want to meet like-minded individuals who share the same interest for solving real-world business problems."

Tom Nguyen

Director of Events

"I’m in my 2nd year as a business management student and I’m really considering specializing in marketing! Being a director for DECA UTSC allows me to bring my love for graphic design, movies and music to the business world."

Christopher Chua

Director of Marketing

"Hello UTSC! I’m Priyanshi and I’m one of the Marketing Directors for this year! I’m in my second year in Co-op Management and outside of school, I really love to read and bake! It’s my first year working at DECA UTSC and I am thrilled to work together with the team and make it an enjoyable experience!"

Priyanshi Kapadia

Director of Marketing