About Us

By operating under DECA U, DECA UTSC’s core focus mimics that of the former. As a professional business club, DECA U has impacted the lives of millions of university students across Canada. By hosting the largest undergraduate conference in the country, DECA U Ontario has continuously provided its delegates with experience to gain a competitive edge in the global economy.

Stemming from DECA U’s values, DECA UTSC has set forth a mission to focus on individual development and personal growth. We strive to assist and support our delegate base to succeed in future opportunities by building their communication, critical thinking and networking skills.

As an organization geared towards professional development, we are also advocates of the development of delegates’ potential. We value the different experiences and skills that each individual brings to the table. Here at DECA UTSC, we strongly believe in providing opportunities to harness and nurture their skills.